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Montessori Mum, vs Montessori Teacher (on giving attention) Dear Journeyers, I wanted to briefly share this wonderful post which outlines one Mother’s challenge as she straddles the two, sometimes very different, dynamics of Mum and teacher. I celebrate the humble exploration and admission to being human – something I am […]

Mum, vs Teacher

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  Education as an aid to life With each sentence, and with each lesson, large or small, we are giving children the keys to the universe. Moreover, with our own conduct we are showing them how to use those keys. Dr Montessori observed spontaneous behaviour in children. She noticed that […]

Education as an aid to life

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We cannot “teach” a child to be an artist, but as Dr. Montessori says, we can help him develop:   An Eye that Sees A Hand that Obeys A Soul that Feels Here is a lovely post about cultivating art appreciation in the Children’s home environment. I can speak for myself […]

What surrounds Your child?